Neo4j is a graph database.
I never had the chance to actually use it, but it was on my watch list for a while, so this book by Jérôme Baton came as an excellent opportunity to lean more about it.

You know that I read a lot of technical docs in general, and books in particular. I have lots of them. But I'm often left frustrated because they don't cover much more than the official docs, or only explain the hows instead of the whys.

But this one came as a good surprise, and I enjoyed it.
Jérôme Baton, the main author, is obviously a very experienced Neo4j user. The book is technically dense, with lots of pragmatic tips and examples. Furthermore, I found it entertaining and easy to read, and I completed it in about a week of short studying sessions.

This said, retrospectively, the order of some chapters seemed quite illogical to me, so I'll group them by topic below, rather than book ordering. Now let's start the review.

Disclaimer : a copy of this book was sent to me for review by the authors. But if you are a seasoned follower of this blog, you know that I say what I really think !